"Have way more fun in the water with no more worries - thanks to the Floating Valet!"

Watch This Short, Fun Music Video and ask yourself:

Have you ever been on vacation or just relaxing at a beach, pool, bay, or lake, or been on a cruise excursion at a water-related location, or snorkeling, etc., and wished you could:

… keep your icy cold drink, hat, phone, sunglasses, snack, and more dry and stable while you go fully under or swim HANDS FREE?
… truly RELAX without worrying about your unguarded wallet, phone, keys, etc. being stolen way back on shore or at your chair out of sight?
… receive and make calls/texts/etc., and/or use any app on your phone, including streaming the BIG GAME live so you don’t miss it?
… listen to all your MUSIC with perfect sound while in the water?
… play mini-basketball out in the water with your family and friends?

... use your GoPro* camera HANDS FREE to film all the fun you're having?
… promote your business by putting its name/logo on something brand new and so hot/interesting that EVERYONE is staring at it all day?
… make new friends as everyone comes over to see what your cool new thing is?

Well now you can! … with the amazingly simple and super fun new Floating Valet!

Business Promotional Opportunities!

The floating Valet is a unique opportunity for any company related to its purposes such as resorts, cruise lines, scuba/snorkeling companies, beach or pool supply stores, sodas, beers, smart phones…The possibilities are endless! Put your logo on them and rent them out, sell them, loan them, give them away, or whatever…However you do it, your brand will be on the hottest new product at the beach or pool being stared at all day by everyone there!

Check out all that the Floating Valet has to offer!

  • High-quality, compact, hinged case with handle opens up on the water into your own personal "dock", with waterproof valuables bag, drink holder, game ball and catcher, and storage cavity for optional anchor
  • Industry proven LOKSAK waterproof bag keeps valuables totally dry while offering full phone use through it, either removed or in Floating Valet cavity, including your MUSIC!
  • Optional anchor adapts cleverly to any depth of water, wraps up easily and stores in its own Floating Valet cavity
  • Optional kit lets you mount GoPro* camera on a "mast" and take photos & videos of your fun out in the water totally HANDS FREE

  • Optional tether cord lets you bring your Floating Valet with you as you snorkel to special spots, or secure it to things

LOKSAK waterproof bag not shown in this photo.