Advertise by putting your logo right on the hottest new thing on the water, the Floating Valet!

Interested in putting your logo directly onto some Floating Valets, to promote or advertise your company, business, event, team, etc… either by selling them, renting them, loaning them, or even giving them away as promotional items?  We can do that!  For a nominal fee we can make waterproof labels displaying your company’s logo and affix them instead of the standard Floating Valet logo.  Or you can create the waterproof labels or skins and send them to us.  There is a lot of advertising room on all sides of the Floating Valet, and your potential customers won’t be able to resist staring at it as they ponder this cool new gizmo floating out there in the water with them!  Check out these examples and contact us at to discuss YOUR business/logo!